How To Pay Off Your Student Loan Before You Graduate

  Here are the HARD facts that most college graduates will be facing after school. Not having a job or not having the job that they want, because the days of graduating from school and staying with the same company are dead and over. "Most college graduates will have up to 3 careers or more in their lifetime". Well, at least that is what the economists out there are projecting. With that being the case. I would recommend you to start your entrepreneur career while in school. You can start an online business or side business right out of your dormitory room and work on it around your class schedule and then turn that business into a cash cow for YOU. Which you can then use to pay off your student loan. I mean, you would think this would be a no-brainer for most college students but you would be thinking wrong. Most of them are too busy using these 4 years away from home to party like crazy and follow the crowd!! The other thing is you can use this experience to get the job tha