Amazon Is Participating in Illegal Price Fixing and Monopoly Fraud

  Amazon is participating in illegal price fixing and monopoly scam. The way it works. I am a new seller at Amazon. I sourced products from US based wholesalers and posted it on Amazon. These products all have UPCs and brand owners have created these listings on Amazon before me. All I am doing is listing my inventory and selling these products, basically competing for the "buy box". Few days after I began selling, my account got shut down. Amazon sent me a message that I might be selling unauthentic products and asked me to submit invoices, agreements and any other information that may prove otherwise. I did everything and more. I sent to Amazon all the contracts, invoices, contact details of the wholesalers. Amazon received more than enough information that they need to verify. Nobody bothered to verify anything. I believe nobody at Amazon has even looked at it. It's just not being researched as Amazon promises. Replies are computer generated and generic messages sent b