Affiliate Marketing With Pay Per Click Advertisements

  Many people are attracted to affiliate marketing by the idea of easy money from only working a few hours per week. They think or are told that they do not need a website and that they can buy some clicks from a search engine and instantly be in business. The truth is that this is possible if you are fortunate enough to refer a motivated buyer who is searching for the specific product you are marketing. Those opportunities exist, but take extensive research to discover or create. Using pay per click advertising to make money in affiliate marketing usually requires testing, tracking and landing pages. Many beginners do not start out using any of the techniques and quickly become discouraged after spending a significant amount of time and money. They try to sell products by simply directing searchers to the vendor's squeeze page. This will work a certain percentage of the time, but usually one ends up spending more for one conversion than the commission they will earn from it. Obvio